Terms and Conditions

By applying for the affiliate program of Mateaffiliates (“Affiliate Program”) and by agreeing with “Terms and Conditions”, you (“The Partner”) accept all the conditions described in the agreement.


  • The goal of the agreement is the promotion of the website by the partner.
  • The amount of the commission paid to the Partner is specified in the agreement.
  • The Partner has one or several electronic resources in his disposition.


  • The Partner reads the terms and conditions and applies for the affiliate program.
  • The Affiliate Program assesses the application and after notifies the applicant about its decision.
  • The answer of the affiliate program is done in the written form of an e-mail letter sent to the e-mail address of the potential partner.
  • The Affiliate Program reserves the right to reject the application without any explanations.
  • Only one account can be registered by the Partner and his IP-address.
  • Registering more than one account by one Partner is considered as a fraudulent activity and entails an end to the cooperation.


  • Only persons over 18 years can apply for the affiliate program.
  • Partners need to possess the necessary documents, permissions, and licenses that provide them with legitimate promotion of the sites and company’s advertising.
  • Persons who enter into agreements with the company must be competent and authorized representatives of the partner organizations.
  • Partners need to examine and accept the conditions of the agreement.


  • To provide the partners with all the information and marketing data needed for advertising.
  • To control the trafficking, keep a record of the net profit, as well as of the total amount of commissions for which data should be made available to the counterparty.
  • To pay the amount of commissions to the Partner, based on the traffic and size of all revenues from gamblers attracted by him.


  • To make all the effort and use all the possibilities for advertising, marketing and promotion of the company.
  • To direct the potential users to Mateaffiliates to attract
  • The member of the company is responsible for marketing activities, including the content and appearance.
  • The companion is obliged to follow the law and respect the legality of actions.
  • The conducting of the marketing activities is done by using the link provided by the company.
  • Using of any data, not provided by the company, for marketing, should be carried out after receiving a written permission from the company.
  • The partner has to provide us with the reliable information about the personality of the partner, including contact details, payment history, address.
  • To compensate damages and costs that were the result of violations of the rules and conditions committed by the Partner.


  • To carry out illegal actions in the development of Web sites, fill them with sexual, pornographic and obscene materials.
  • To attract people under 18 years old to the sites.
  • To sign up as a player or make deposits directly or indirectly to any account by using own tracking links for personal use and/or use of his relatives, friends, employees or third parties, or in any other way attempt to artificially increase the commission payments or defraud the Company.
  • The use of any kind of fraud in Mateaffiliates to increase your own profit (the game under your affiliate link; the use of dedicated advertising resources to the detriment of Mateaffiliates).
  • The violation of this agreement will be considered a fraud.
  • To send spam or post fake meta tags in the portal.
  • To use the promotional brochure without the consent of the management.
  • To offer refunds and promotions.
  • Partners are strictly not allowed to open personal accounts in the Casino. If such a fact is detected, the administration will immediately block personal accounts of the Partner and of the gamblers he brought to the program and the money from all those accounts will be written off in favor of the Casino. Family members of the Partner and people who are close to him are also under the effect of this rule.


  • The amount of attracted clients affects the Partner’s earnings. Customers who have registered on the portal by clicking the link and became players of one of the project participants are new clients for the company.
  • The amount of total income affects the size of earnings, which is net income without refunds or winnings, promotions or special offers. If a referred client has opened betting account within 30 days from the date of registration, the income will be counted in the total sum.
  • Payments to the Partner are made until the 10th day of every month. The payment is done if the minimum goal (100 Euros) has been reached. If the 10th day of the month is not a working day – the payment can be postponed to the next labor day.
  • If there are less than 100 Euros on the account of the Partner, the payment is postponed to the next month and will be credited to partner account when the minimum goal is reached.
  • The partner can choose the payment method and currency himself, during authorization.
  • If the Partner finds errors in the calculation, he has the right to request a recalculation. In the case of wrong calculation, the funds will be deposited as soon as possible.
  • If the Partner has questions about the amount of payments, he can contact us by sending an email to support@mateaffiliates.com, specifying the cause of the problem. The letter should be sent after the accrual of commission funds, no later than 30 calendar days.
  • If the Company has to verify the conformity of all the operations, the Company has a legitimate right to delay payments up to 180 days.
  • Money that were received by using the fraudulent actions must be returned to the company.
  • Zero or negative balances are not transferred.


  • The notification of termination of cooperation is sent on e-mail.
  • Upon termination of the contract with Mateaffiliates, the Partner binds himself to remove all the related contacts and links.
  • The agreements shall be canceled upon termination automatically.
  • If the contract is terminated by the company’s decision and/or due to violations of the agreement by the Partner, the Affiliate Program has the right to hold funds.
  • The Mateaffiliates Affiliate Program has the right to refuse to work with any partner without explanations.


  • The Affiliate program does not guarantee the continuous work of the portal, its availability at any time or in any place, because the Partner uses his own resources to access the Internet.
  • The affiliate program is not liable for damages resulting from interruptions, failures or delays in the site’s work.
  • The affiliate program does not guarantee the absence of errors or inaccuracies in the work and is not responsible for any possible damages.


  • Partners have the right to protect the interests of the company by their own savings at their own discretion.


  • This Agreement shall be construed under the laws of Gibraltar
  • It is forbidden to pass an agreement in the hands of the authorities, without prior informing the company and receiving written permission.


  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances, which we have in mind, but this list is not complete: the disaster, electrical and utility failures, large-scale accidents, meetings, floods, hurricanes and other emergencies, a member may be relieved of their regular assignments in case emergency suspended work of the Partner Program.


  • All terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be construed under the applicable law to be effective and valid. If any provision of this Agreement is deemed invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, such provision will be deemed invalid only in the framework of its insolvency, without invalidating the remaining provisions of this Agreement.


  • The information provided by partners, including customer lists, finances, and other information is confidential, must not subject for personal use, commercial use or distribution both in writing and orally, for the duration of the agreement, and after its completion.